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Full service, Dim Sum, Casual, Seafood, Eat in, Dine in, Take out, Carry Out, Fast Food, Catering, Delivery
Chinese Food, American-Chinese, Sichuan, Mandarin, Hunan, Cantonese, Asian
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Tue: 11:15 AM ~ 08:45 PM
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Fri: 11:15 AM ~ 09:45 PM
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Sun: 11:15 AM ~ 08:45 PM
  • 170****@northcantonschools.org posted at 8/8/2023
    Very reasonable prices and welcoming atmosphere. Waitress was very attentive and dishes were plenty and delicious. Recommend
  • them*****@gmail.com posted at 8/7/2020
    Zoe's is a treasure and makes my difficult life so much more livable. Thank you Zoe's! Everything is excellent! And the fastest delivery in town.
  • scs****@challiance.org posted at 2/10/2014
    We miss the Zoe for lunch!!! When are you going to reopen?
  • town*****@aol.com posted at 9/9/2013
    Hope you guys are ok. And come back stronger than ever. Somerville is behind you. Great food!
  • wil****@cambridgetechs.net posted at 2/8/2012
    I just thought I'd say thanks for the consitently delicious meals. I have brought a lot of friends to Zoe's over the last few years and every one of them has become fans. William O'NeillCambridge, MA